Roof Repair & Other Services

Roofing repairs are usually not a one-size-fits-all solution. It takes experience, knowledge, and attention to detail to ensure that a roof is repaired correctly and for the long term. At My Roof Repair, we have the training necessary to tackle any roof repair. Since you can’t be the eyes on your roof, it is always best to hire a company you can trust to get the job done right. My Roof Repair is the best call to make for your roof repair.

Our Roof Repair Services Include:

Watertight Emergency Tarping

Storm Damage Repairs

Reroofing and Replacement Services

Estimates and Roofing Inspections

Roof Maintenance

Addressing the Extremes

Roofs in the Lake Norman area have to make it through harsh weather conditions from 100-degree-plus temperatures to frost and ice. At My Roof Repair, we understand what extreme temperatures can do to your roof, so we aim to find a permanent solution. We use only the highest-quality products in the industry, combined with the help of expert repair technicians you can rely on.

Roof Repair in Denver NC

The Key to Roof Repairs Lies in Maintenance

The key to keeping your roof in good shape for the long term is ensuring that you head off roofing issues before they become problematic. At My Roof Repair, we provide estimates and inspections to make sure your roof is good to go for another season. Whether a harsh storm has rolled through the Lake Norman area or your roof is getting up in years, we have the expert eye, experience, and training to be your trusted roofing source. We also know what to look for so you can have the proper documentation needed if your repair is related to storm damage and you’re filing an insurance claim.

Skylight Installation and Skylight Repair

Skylights are not only a great way to add natural light to any space; they help provide radiant heat, and depending on what type you choose, they can also increase ventilation. Since they are installed directly into the roof, it is critical that they be placed and sealed properly. At My Roof Repair, we not only install skylights; we also repair them.

Caring for Your Skylight Installation from Start to Finish

The cost of a skylight installation can vary based on the size, shape, and type involved. When you add in other factors, such as flat roof or vaulted roof skylight installation, the labor is more intensive. At My Roof Repair, we take care of your skylight installation from start to finish, acquiring the permit and addressing any other concerns that you might have, like reconfiguring the roof, moving vents, and potential lighting placement problems.

Skylight Installation | My Roof Repair

Gutter Guard Leaf Blaster PRO Gutter Guard

The Lake Norman area is known for its beautiful rolling hills and forestry, and although that is what most homeowners love, it can wreak havoc on gutters around the area. Gutter guards are a great way to ensure that your gutters can continue to flow properly to reduce the risk of foundation issues and erosion. However, not all gutter guards are not all the same, nor do they all provide the same advantages or conveniences.

The LeafBlaster Pro Difference

At My Roof Repair, we only use LeafBlaster Pro Gutter Guards because we believe in their quality and function. LeafBlaster Pro Gutter Guards provide homeowners with a 40-year warranty, can only be installed by certified pros, are made from 100% stainless steel micro-mesh, and can retrofit any gutter system that you have.

Low Maintenance Saves You Time!

Unlike other gutter guards, LeafBlaster Pro blocks the smallest particles and debris without rusting or warping from year to year. They also require very little maintenance, and with debris blowing off naturally, they help to improve water flow around your home. LeafBlaster Pro Gutters also have a patented design that keeps water flowing around your home instead of dumping over the side, which makes them the best product in the industry.

Gutter Guards in Lincolnton NC

Gutter Guards Do Work, But the Brand You Choose Does Matter

Many homeowners wonder how well gutter guards really work. We believe in the LeafBlaster Pro system because we've seen it in action. The best way to keep your gutters working properly is to invest in LeafBlaster Pro.