Four Things to Look for When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Roof Repair in Lake Norman

A roof is the greatest defense your home has against the elements. When you need a roof repair in Lake Norman, you want to make sure that you find someone who will fix it right the first time. With so many roofers to choose from, however, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one. Before you sign on the dotted line to have anyone repair your roof, look for these four characteristics that will give you the highest likelihood of finding a lasting roof repair solution.


Roof repairs don’t always have a one-size-fits-all solution. A roofer with experience can find creative solutions to repair any problem that you have. For a roof repair to last, it has to be done correctly, and if it is not, it might end up costing you more than not fixing it at all. Making sure that a roof repair is weatherproof, lasting, and more than just an expensive fix is important; otherwise, homeowners get a false sense of security – which may lead to a bigger and more expensive roofing issue!


As a homeowner, you probably aren’t comfortable getting on top of your roof to investigate. And even if you did, there is very little chance that you would know how to spot signs of damage, much less fix them. That means that you have to trust the professional that you hire to repair your roof to be your eyes and your ears. Find a roofing expert with the integrity to be as transparent as possible. You shouldn’t be afraid to question their estimate, inquire about what needs to be done, and even trust but verify by asking for images of what is going on. At My Roof Repair, we care greatly not just about our reputation, but also about the customers who put our faith in us. We take that honor very seriously in all that we do!


Becoming a roofer doesn’t require certification, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some necessary training that a professional roofer needs. Often, roof damage can be caused by a serious storm, hail, or even high winds. When your roof is damaged due to weather or a storm, it is most likely covered by your homeowner’s insurance. You do need specific proof and documentation to prove your claim, however, so make sure that you hire a roofer who can show the insurance company the cause and help you through the process of filing an insurance claim.

Professional Opinions

Sometimes in an effort to save pennies, we can end up spending dollars. There are times when a roof repair is nothing short of a high-priced bandage. Find a roofing company that is willing to give it to you straight. If you choose to have a roof repair in Lake Norman versus installing a new roof, then it should be your choice. But you can only make an informed decision if you are given all the facts. At My Roof Repair, we will always be upfront and honest about what we believe is your best course of action. Obviously, it is your decision, we just want to make sure that you are making the most cost-conscious one!

If you are looking for a roof repair in Lake Norman, finding the right professional is critical for your own peace of mind as well as ensuring that the job is done right from the start. My Roof Repair is committed to offering the highest-quality roof repairs in the industry. Contact us today for an estimate to fix your roofing issue!